We help your learners acquire clinical skills in maternal-child care safely and remotely during COVID-19

On-Demand Telesimulation™ helps learners build mastery in a topic through a scaffolded approach, culminating in a live encounter with a standardized patient through a video call.

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“As an instructor, [the On-Demand Telesimulation™ Lactation QBank platform] was a huge gift to us. We were struggling to figure out how to get students engaged in care for breastfeeding patients. We’ve had two significant barriers so far. One is that we don’t have a huge volume in our lactation consult clinics right now. So even if every student had only seen one patient, we probably could not have pulled that off.  The second was because of COVID-19, the hospital we work at had restrictions on access to patient care.” 

–  Julie Phillips, MD, MPH

Professor of Family Medicine, Director of Research for the Sparrow Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program

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How it Works

Canvas Sign-Up

Step 1

Begin by signing up for virtual learning platform on Canvas using the code JBPJLT.

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Step 2

On Canvas, learners complete case-based multiple choice questions in preparation for a video call with a standardized patient actor. There are 10 multiple choice questions per case scenario.

Case Scenario Example

Step 3

Learners will schedule a live video call with a standardized patient actor. This video call, or telesimulation, can be scheduled at any time, any place, or on any device.

"What is a telesimulation?"

A live video call between a learner/group of learners interacting with a standardized patient to practice maternal-child health and clinical lactation skills.

What is a standardized patient?

  • A highly-trained actor.

  • Follows the same script for each case scenario.

  • Provides tailored, structured feedback on communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Wears the LiquidGoldConcept Lactation Simulation Model for the learner to practice breast/chest assessment and clinical lactation skills.

Standardized patients wearing a breastfeeding model in a video call
Learner and Standardized Patient Video Call

Step 4

The learner will engage in the telesimulation by addressing the case scenario presented to them by the standardized patient.

Step 5

Following the telesimulation, the learner will receive formative feedback from the standardized patient on communication and interpersonal skills.

Standardized Patient Feedback Example

Step 6

Then, the learner will fill out the Encounter Documentation Quiz on Canvas (this counts towards clinical hours*) and receive feedback from a clinician on clinical decision making skills.

*Following the completion of 5 hours of telesimulations and the Encounter Documentation Quiz, the learner can earn 7.5 clinical hours.

On-Demand Telesimulation™ is designed for learners of all levels to build clinical decision-making, technical, and counseling skills relevant to lactation support and maternal-child care.

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