Institutional Plans

Flexible ordering options for all learners

Build mastery in clinical skills anytime, anywhere

  • IBCLC clinical hours
  • Virtual OSCE simulation training
  • Nursing student clinical hours
  • Medical student education
  • Baby-Friendly Hospital staff training
  • WIC staff training

What to expect

What’s Included in Each Case Scenario

  • Unfolding case scenarios (multiple choice questions completed through Canvas)

  • One-on-one video call with a trained standardized patient actor wearing a high fidelity breast model
  • 30-minute and 60-minute video calls (telesimulations) available to fit your schedule
  • Formative feedback on communication and interpersonal skills from the standardized patient

  • Summative feedback on decision-making, technical, and counseling skills.

“As an instructor, [the On-Demand Telesimulation™ Lactation QBank platform] was a huge gift to us. We were struggling to figure out how to get students engaged in care for breastfeeding patients. We’ve had two significant barriers so far. One is that we don’t have a huge volume in our lactation consult clinics right now. So even if every student had only seen one patient, we probably could not have pulled that off.  The second was because of COVID-19, the hospital we work at had restrictions on access to patient care.” 

–  Julie Phillips, MD, MPH

Professor of Family Medicine, Director of Research for the Sparrow Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program

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