Prepare for On-Demand Telesimulations by completing (free!) multiple choice questions

Deliberate, repetitive practice in a safe, confidence-building virtual environment.

  • Master topics in maternal-child care and clinical lactation through a scaffolded, interactive approach
  • Gain confidence in the case scenario prior to the simulated encounters with a mock patient in a video call (i.e., a telesimulation)
  • Strengthen diagnostic reasoning and patient management skills by completing contextualized multiple choice questions (FREE) embedded into unfolding case scenarios

Case 1 Multiple Choice Questions

Breast engorgement in the setting of delayed onset of lactogenesis II

Case 2 Multiple Choice Questions

Bloody nipple discharge in a lactating patient

Case 3 Multiple Choice Questions

Breast milk production and maternal mental health

Case 4 Multiple Choice Questions

Effective breast pump use and management of breast pump-induced trauma

Case 5 Multiple Choice Questions

Quality improvement in the hospital through breastfeeding education and support

Case 6 Multiple Choice Questions

Providing anticipatory guidance and supporting inclusive breastfeeding after breast surgery

Case 7 Multiple Choice Questions

Sudden-onset breast pain after the newborn sleeps through the night