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How do lactation specialists use On-Demand Telesimulation™?

  • IBCLC candidates looking for up to 39 CERPs or 56 clinical hours*

  • IBCLC candidates in pathways 1, 2, or 3 who need clinical hours

  • IBCLC candidates that need 5 communication hours
  • CLCs that need of 18 hours of continuing education
  • 25 hours of lactation specific education plus skills attestation for CLC candidates (Aggregate Pathway)

*CERPs and clinical hours cannot be combined. LiquidGoldConcept is an approved provider of CERPs (IBCLE Verification #C2002262)

Plans and Pricing


Active learning with a live mock patient in a video call.

Earn 2 clinical hours or 2.0 CERPs per hour of telesimulation.

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Actor-educator Painful Expression

The mock patient is a trained actor-educator wearing a Lactation Simulation Model.

What’s Included in Each Telesimulation Experience

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Video call with an actor-educator wearing a Lactation Simulation Model
  • Feedback from actor-educator on communication, interpersonal, and clinical skills
  • Feedback from clinician on decision-making and documentation skills

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What to Expect

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“I completed two of the telesimulations with a standardized patient, just like an OSCE. The standardized patients gave good feedback, and it fulfilled the skills attestation requirement for the CLC. It’s really a great platform and long overdue. I’m excited to tell my colleagues about it. Highly recommend!

Dr. Jenifer Haynes, DO, Pediatrician

“As a clinical instructor and Pathway 3 mentor, I can’t speak highly enough about this program. The LiquidGold simulations offer an experience that incorporates the best of both experimental learning and comprehensive theory. The consultation is incredibly realistic, requiring the student to draw on all of their counseling skills and instincts (in addition to practicing teaching techniques and applying foundational concepts!). Feedback is given in real-time and highlights specific areas for improvement. Complimentary to the simulation is extensive case study work and quizzes, truly allowing the student to understand the depth of each experience. The personalized level of guidance is a rare quality in online education, and one I appreciate greatly.”

Emily Clark, IBCLC , Perinatal Program Instructor, CE-Health Sciences, Douglas College, she/her/hers

“As an instructor, [the On-Demand Telesimulation™ Lactation QBank platform] was a huge gift to us. We were struggling to figure out how to get students engaged in care for breastfeeding patients. We’ve had two significant barriers so far. One is that we don’t have a huge volume in our lactation consult clinics right now. So even if every student had only seen one patient, we probably could not have pulled that off.  The second was because of COVID-19, the hospital we work at had restrictions on access to patient care.” 

Julie Phillips, MD, MPH, Professor of Family Medicine, Director of Research for the Sparrow Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program

“As an experienced care provider, I went into the simulation feeling confident in my approach. It quickly became clear that there were plenty of skills that needed improvement! The feedback provided has allowed me to focus on my time management and organization, and made me more aware of my own patterns and unhelpful habits in consultations. I would recommend this to any lactation care provider– no matter how long you have been in the field! Developing our practice in this area is imperative, especially as virtual counseling becomes more common.”

Emily Clark, IBCLC , Perinatal Program Instructor, CE-Health Sciences, Douglas College, she/her/hers

How is LiquidGoldConcept Different?

Our commitment to effective learning and improved maternal-child care

On-Demand Telesimulation Advantage

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